Migration period outfit

After request from my fiancé I have now made myself a migration period outfit for our holiday in danmark next week. The peplos is in tabby woven wool in black and grey. The under tunic is 100% flax and woven in herringbone. The belt is a bought tablet woven band in 100% wool.

Burgundian dresses

Finished two of my Burgundian dresses for Double Wars. This all hand sewn except that I had to zick zack the edges because of fraying. It’s all silk from pure silks.   This completely hand sewn in green wool from Medeltidsmode and with real white rabbit fur as trims from Morgan Gustavsson in Borås. It […]


Även om jag nu har tagit en liten paus från att göra scrollor nu under hösten som har varit. Men det vart några som blev klara under våren som jag känner mig väldigt nöjd med. De har alla sina små skavanker med jag tycker om dem ändå. Men destu mer jag lär mig ju mindre […]